Hubtown Theatre

Hubtown Theatre is a non-profit community theatre group, that operates within the Truro area. Over it's 30 year history Hubtown has entertained and intrigued its audiences with a diverse assortment of productions.


Written By: Nick Dear
Co-Directed by: Sheila Newell & André Myette

The Creature – André Myette
Victor Frankenstein – Paul Gamble
Gretel – Leana Todd
Gustav – Jeffery Westlake
Klaus – Joshua Creelman
De Lacey – Tom Kayser
Felix – Colin Bent
Agatha – Jenn Bannerman
The Female Creature – Christine Cutler
Elizabeth Lavenza – Annelise Corbett
Clarice – Shannon Fielding
William Frankenstein – Ethen Neil
Monsieur Frankenstein – Brian Sears
Ewan – Rod DeViller
Rab – Liam Browne
Constable – Dave Hiscock
Townspeople & Servents :
Niki Henderson, Sam Burak,
Ronin Corbett, Brianna Lyttle,
and Ashley Fletcher