Hubtown Theatre

Hubtown Theatre is a non-profit community theatre group, that operates within the Truro area. Over it's 30 year history Hubtown has entertained and intrigued its audiences with a diverse assortment of productions.

Four Weddings and an Elvis

by Nancy Frick
directed by Nicola Sclaes
November, 2015 — Hubtown Theatre Society

Cast & Crew


Back Row: (L to R) Penny Winchester (props), Monica Bailey (Make-Up), André Myette (Fist), Janet Soley (Props), Joshua Creelman (Marvin), Rod DeViller (Stan / Producer), Laurence Tuttle (Lou), Brian Yorke (Stage Manager) Nicola Scales (Director) and Brian Sears (Bryce),

Front Row: (L to R) Angela Headon (Props) Sarah Traverse (Character-Producer) Lisa Richardson (Sandy) Holly Beeler (Fiona) Sheila Newell (Vanessa) Paul Gamble (John) and Sacha Brake (Bev)



Production Photos