Hubtown Theatre

Hubtown Theatre is a non-profit community theatre group, that operates within the Truro area. Over it's 30 year history Hubtown has entertained and intrigued its audiences with a diverse assortment of productions.


by Norm Foster
directed by Marlene Sears
Mar, 2013 — Hubtown Theatre Society

Top Row (L to R): Sue Chisholm (Stage Manager), Brian Sears (Jeremy Cash), Marlene Sears (Director), Rod Deviller (Det. Duncan Snow), Sheila Newell (Lights), Connie Baird (Producer & Props).
Bottom Row (L to R): Vickie Gourley (Ruby Delvecchio), Paul Gamble (Hal Savage), Nicola Scales (Cindy Savage), Lisa Richardson (Bernice).