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Hubtown Theatre is a non-profit community theatre group, that operates within the Truro area. Over it's 30 year history Hubtown has entertained and intrigued its audiences with a diverse assortment of productions.

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Hubtown Theatre delves into drama for its next performance

A Few Good Men to be presented at the Marigold Cultural Centre stage next week

TRURO – A popular movie will be brought to life next week in Truro.


Craig Richard, left, and Andre Myette, rehearse a scene they will bring to life on the Marigold Cultural Centre stage this month when Hubtown Theatre presents A Few Good Men. Monique Chiasson – Truro Daily News

Hubtown Theatre, in its 33rd year, is bringing A Few Good Men to the Marigold Cultural Centre stage from March 26 to 29. Directed by Truro’s Sheila Newell, the play will stay true to the movie that was a huge hit in 1992 on the silver screen.

The movie and play is about the trial of two marines for complicity in the death of a fellow marine at Guantanamo Bay. Cover-ups and suspenseful court drama add to the intensity of the piece.

“I chose it because I wanted to do something other than comedy. I deliberately wanted to do a movie … and to do a military-based piece with the costumes would add to the whole show because normally we do comedy with everyday street clothes,” said Newell.

Andre Myette, who’s been with Hubtown for almost 10 years, agreed deviating from comedy this time is a good idea.

“The community gravitates toward more comedies in Hubtown and we normally do three shows a year, most of them comedy. But it’s nice for the group to spread our wings and try something different,” said Myette, a resident of North River, who portrays Lieutenant Kendrick in the play.

Also in the play, which boasts of a cast of 18 people, is Truro’s Craig Richard, who takes on the character of Daniel Kaffee.

“There’s a great mentality here and in Truro,” said Richard. “I wasn’t a part of the community before this. Hubtown is great and people will like the play.”

This is Richard’s first play with Hubtown. About half the cast is new to the local theatre group, including Truro’s Margaret  MacDonald (who plays the judge in A Few Good Men) and Onslow Mountain’s Matthew Guy (Jack Ross in the play).

MacDonald said it’s been a great experience, which has also presented the opportunity to step outside her comfort zone.

“It was uncomfortable at times but it was a chance to get over self-image issues we can all have,” she said.

Guy added the play should bring out a diverse audience.

“I think we will get different people to the play” than may regularly attend Hubtown. “A lot of people who know the movie will want to see it and we will get our (regular) supporters of Hubtown. It’s hopefully broadening our audience.”

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